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Ice Cream

Brief: To create a cinema advert that ‘sells the sizzle’ for this desirable food brand and to produce a brand-focused documentary for sales meetings and YouTube content.


Result: An engaging creative advert that draws on Englishisms, local landscape and the brand’s high quality product; resulting in 1000 youtube views in the first week of release. In combination with the documentary, this allowed Purbeck Ice Cream to build a promotional event around their new videos in time for their busiest sales period over the summer.


Project Highlight: Recording the narration of the poem with BAFTA award-winning actor Edward Fox. He even offered to make us a cup of tea!




“The people that have seen the advert have been blown away by it. It’s got a far bigger audience than I initially thought. You’re three local, cool dudes – very professional. Whatever you said you’d do, you’ve done it. I like that and I’d have no hesitation recommending you to whoever wants to use you.”


Hazel Hartle

(Co-Founder) Purbeck Ice Cream

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